Diamonds in dreams
22 August, 2018
I'm standing on the street on my evening walk and stop outside a building just around the corner from my house. Images of my future gallery and collaborative space come flooding into my mind. Its not something i had consciously thought of until i was falling asleep in that in between conciousness where my mind wanders. I see the colour i will paint the large cottage, i see happy conversations and laughter with live music filling the background noise on the front lawns. Healthy delicious food is being shared around with artist showing their current projects to passers by. Its summer and i can feel the warmth of the sun shining down through the leaves of the trees, feeling the warm late afternoon breeze. Everyone is in light linen clothing, enjoying dressing freely without layers of clothes to protect us from the cold. The mood is relaxed, casual and joyous. Then I realise i need to make this literal dream become reality, and here I am. Buying my ticket to a design conference I dont know a lot about, making my dreams come to life.