Somethings fishy
05 August, 2002
My dream started of in my old primary school but it was set out as the centre of town. I was heading to work and had met a friend for a quick coffee before work. We never ended up getting our drinks for some reason and ended up heading to my work.Work wasn't where is actually is but another suburb close to where I grew up. For some strang reason we were selling gold fish instead of furniture and other household products. I was so confused and thought it was a stupid idea but they were selling well. My friend wanted one of the fish so I asked how we were packing them to go home. My boss said just fill a paper bag with water and pop it in there. Im like there is no way that will work, but they convinced me it was a good idea. I put the water a goldfish in the bag and the water started leaking everywhere, so I tried to fix it by drinking up the leaking water from the edge of the bag. Next thing I know the fish is in my mouth. As i tdy to get it out I start pulling out bird like feathers that were somehow the fishes fins. I was choking on them but wnded up getting the fish out and then woke up.
I felt confused and frustrated and like nothing was going right.