Wallaby piggyback
25 August, 2018
I was at home, watching wallabies play through an open door, onto a typical Australian bush setting. After a while some of the wallabies came closer with one in particular braving to inch further and further towards the open door. He was obviously really inquisitive and wanted to see how close he could get, placing himself low to the ground, inching himself further as he no crawled on the ground towards me. I sat perfectly still waiting to see how close he would dare to come, until I could reach out and touch him. His fur was slightly curled, more like a dog than a wallaby, soft and silky to the touch and I could see he liked the sensation of me touching him. He was so beautiful, so perfect. He gained so much confidence he came around behind me and placing his whole body around me hugged me, not wanting to let go. We spent the whole day like this, with me piggybacking this wallaby around the house and surrounding landscape. After a while I realised he could understand what I was saying and I started talking to him. I knew others wouldn't believe me if I told them the story so I tried to take a selfie of me and the wallaby - it was difficult to get both of us in the shot, I kept on having to ask the wallaby to move this way and that to get the best shot and show how I was carrying him. It is unclear how the dream ended but it made me feel calm, loved, appreciated in a pure and unselfish way. It was a really lovely dream.