Connectivity repair
13 June, 2018
Me in Sky Blue tracksuit with matching western hat and bandana over the mouth and nose (also matching). Waiting under work desk to do repair.
Central room is where I wait for portal to open to be ready for repair job, something to do with connectivity. In room as I wait I watch birth of every animal - they are born fully formed but miniture and are birthed like paper punch cut outs. As soon as they are given life they start to wither and die - they are not born strong, like a curse, something has to change.
Portal opens, I crawl through tunnels to arrive at repair location, arrive under office desk to do repair, my view is a mans legs and torso in tracksuit they are splayed in a macho style, beyond him lays a naked baby - healthy.
I am blue for protection and purity.
I am blue to blend invisible like the sky
I am blue for style in sports wear