Wasp orchids
10 August, 2018
At M's house. Asian flatmate plus another guy I went to art school with...Tristan someone? Both vegans. 70s style house, nice design. 3 staircases leading down, one led to bathroom. Instructions as to which were given.
Pet ferret.Patted and sniffed. Thick sides like collar of a fur coat I owned (in dream) M put his finger in ferret mouth. Trusted it.

Breakfast time. Making coffee with Atomic. Hot. Housemates picked up with hands. I got really angry and yelled to stop because they were going to burn themselved. Tried to get them to use can opener thing to hold.
Next sequence. Making love,tying knot in condom. Glistening and full. S was in house with one to dispose of too. [Saw semen, opalescent, conjured by wasp orchids talk at Beaker Street?]

Next- at party with M at D's house in early hours before sunrise. Nice feeling. Maroon with wooden staircase. Lots of high, pretty people. Music. Out back crowd of girls- one kissed pills [ecstacy] into mouth. Took too many and girl protested. Was someone I recognize from life drawing. Guy playing guitar on back steps. In Claremont. I had too many pills in mouth, knowing i had to get home to O and tried to spit some out into ziplock bag while N tried to hand me a baby. Not a friendly baby. Didn't want to hold. Had to get home. Concerned about strength of pills and hoped they would wear off before I had to return to being a mother. End dream.