26 July, 2018
The emotional: I was in my Granny’s kitchen, the way it was when I was a kid, a small rectangular room, the black and white speckled table too big for the space. I know my mom was there, but I couldn’t really see anyone, I just felt my family’s presence, we had gathered for a celebration. It was implied ‘she’ was on her way, I knew they we’re talking about my Auntie who passed in January. The key turned in the front door, down the short corridor from the kitchen, a familiar sound… She walked into the kitchen. But she was dead? Everyone knew she was still alive, but me. She hadn’t died, she was in “hiding”. I was overwhelmed. I walked through the old sliding doors (white frame with black sealant) to Granny’s garden, a small square, green with grass and over flowing with pink and white flowers around the side. A diagonal concrete pathway veering right, led to the grey brick shed that had an old chipped brown painted door with two wavy window panels and corrugated roof. I sat down on the outside of a circular concrete concave in the ground trying to comprehend what had or was happening. I lay back, a peaceful moment, my eyes (upside down) facing the sliding door. She walked out. We hugged.
The vivid: My dream swiftly turned to a “painting” of the earth as a small sphere at the right of my vision, a faint dark grey fuzzy line diagonally from bottom left upward. I saw myself, larger than the earth. Head at the fuzzy line and feet toward the earth. I was in a black limbo. But my feet were being launched to earth like a leap and a force of magnetism. I woke up thinking of her.