Slug under the bed
04 August, 2018
What I remember from my dream is that I was in bed in my bedroom, it was dark and cold and the air felt damp and slightly sickly, and I heard/felt something squirming under my bed. I felt scared, but began to investigate (suddenly my older brother was in the room, standing in front of the doorway) it was a giant slug like creature, which was partly made of cloth, with segments of it's body bound with twine, and partly actual slug at the head end. The room also had a lot of mess all over the floor, paper, fabric, and dirt. I was disgusted and uncomfortable, but then my brother began to tell me that I made the slug and put it under my bed and it was some kind of magical practice that I had been developing. This made me feel a little better, I think I may have began repeating his words, but I still felt like the room was sick, as in unhealthy.