The system
30 July, 2018
Sitting in an outdoor cafe on the side of road. I'm dozing in the sun, but also talking on the phone. It was difficult to hear conversation. Someone comes up and wakes me up-Im startled as I didn't realise how asleep I was. I leave and enter a large warehouse building, its all white with large metal frame windows. There are two elevators approx 5-6 floors. I need to get to the 5th floor - I enter the elevator a woman gets in as well she has short blonde hair and clearly works here. As the doors close I look around for the buttons to get to the 5 th floor. There are no buttons, the lift is like the inside of a cave textured and cream/stone colour. Its clinical and round. I ask how do you find where to go? Will it stop where I need to get out? A sense of panic a sense of what the fuck is this? She explains that we are all in a controlled state. Where we are is like soloed worm farms, waiting to be experimented on.