Miracle baby
30 July, 2018
I was holding a beautiful baby - probably 9-12 months old. It was my friends child but not a close friend. We were standing in a hotel foyer and moved to outside to wait for cars to pick us up. Standing undercover fancy hotel with lots of staff. The conversation centres around baby and how amazing it is that it happened as the mother was quite old - 44+
Next thing we are sent to hotel as the plane was delayed the hotel room had single beds I stood in doorway talking to someone else if they were staying here or going home instead. I decided to stay as it would take too long to go home. Looked at the place we were going to this ancient island full of history. There was an ability to go back in time and I was told that I was to be the queen who would be given a sacrificial death for my people. A stake will be pushed through my left eye - a brutal ancient death. I was confused with the concept of being able to go back in time.