Where’s my tribe
10 July, 2018
Living in an old town not much happening. Clearing out spaces found an old chair it had been fixed many times had a lot of bog in it and had lots of flex but need/should be rigid.
Came across some old friends on a festival train going to a conference - went to go see the next session, it was outside in the park. They had set up lots of large round white tables. There were lots of old people there I was looking for younger people to sit with. I found a lovely group a sense of celebration. A violinist walks through the garden she is famous wearing a Victorian dress but had a big slit up the back revealing her lovely round backside. She was not wearing any underwear just suspenders. A man came along and pinched her bottom, she laughs she is happy. A great concert.
New restaurant opening in town an old butcher shop renovated two shops made into one. The facade is Victorian candy colours on the inside. Italian food had to order from outside the restaurant from back of truck asked for a latte chef didnt do lattes only flat whites.

Park, Renoated Victorian shop,
Train Tables Ute Violin
Victorian dress
Prosperity Gay