Friendship Best Mates
06 July, 2018
I was waiting for a handyman to come and fix something in my home. It was a 70’s style home with big windows that went down to the floor Mission brown architraves. The handyman got out of the car he had his dog with him and two big suitcases full of tools.
He told the dog to stay outside. We went inside I waited in the corridor between two rooms. The handyman was in one unpacking his tools I’m talking to him but looking out the window in the room opposite to see the dog waiting on the naturestrip.
Im worried that the dog might run away or onto the road. He wandered up and down the naturestrip sniffing at things. Im talking to the handyman asking him if his dog will run away. He is not worried. Its taking a long time I’m worried about the dog I go outside to find him. He has wandered down the road rolling in autumn leaves. I pick the dog up and wrap him around my shoulders. I bring him into the house, the dog is so happy were playing in the lounge-room I’m in my socks and we are sliding on the floor like kids running in the house.

Happy to have the dog in my home.
Hallway 70’s house
Mission brown - golden leaves - beige - green
Dalmation dog cross breed, large windows, footpath
socks Toolbox suitcase
Anxiety happiness