Silenced by violence, comforted by a friend
28 July, 2018
Silenced by violence, my stomach retches at something loss
Bus | cafe/restaurant
Cotton (sheets)

I’ve gone on a bus adventure, part of an event on a Tuesday. We go by dark in a bus, I think it’s Dark Mofo. I can’t remember the event, but there is some king of ‘holdup’. We are being held over by a violent man, who is torturing women slowly by making them do things they don’t want to do (too explicit for here). We have to keep silent. Having to witness this act of violence and stay silent makes me feel sick to the bones and I feel very sad for the world. I want to throw up. The buses finally return and we’re boarding them, I’m looking for the female friend I came with but she isn’t to be seen. Lots of men around. I’ve also misplaced my bag with my wallet and phone etc., but a guy on the bus remembers seeing it inside leaning against the bar, so I run back inside and grab it. The bar is dark, male attendants.