Learning and loving
26 July, 2018
Learning and loving
Collaborative exercises and family co-operation
Indoor / outdoor warehouse
Now but warehouse is old
Cutting tables

I dream I am in a special workshop of some kind. It seems to be in the city (Sydney?), but in a large warehouse with big long, oblong cutting tables. I think it is a design workshop. We’ve been put together with another designer as an exercise to come up with something. I’m unsure who I’ve been put with (not clear in dream) however I notice GunShy with Spacecraft are doing foiled t-shirts and it slowly dawns on me I won’t be able to do t-shirts with Spacecraft if Gun Shy is.

I leave the workshop for lunch and come back late, there is another class underway. There is the sense that the warehouse is open to the outside, no doors to walk through - an inside/outside space. A tall, thin, nice woman is teaching - introducing a guest, male speaker. There is a discussion around danger, and the teacher realises she has a host of small spiders all over her shoulders that must have dropped down from the warehouse roof. She starts to panic slightly and I go up to her and brush them off. They are tiny and more like little fruit flies, so not really scary.

Another part of the dream, my two second cousins - one baby, one under 5 are running down some stairs to greet me. There is the feeling of delight. Then I find my niece, 24 and get her into a darkish, intimate corner to interrogate her about why she isn’t talking to her grandmother. I tell her she needs to get over it, respect her elders and make an effort. I also tell her I understand it will be hard to do, due to a mix of pride and shyness, but it must be done.