19 July, 2018
Slow food sustenance, anger and rejection, being nudged by a stag
Big festival shed | country road
Dusk, heading into the dark
Small italian biscuits | train
Anger | encouragement

I dream I am at a Festival / event of some kind. There are food stalls outside, and I’m quite intrigued by one that has delicious, small Italian treats, almond and pistachio flavours.

The show is about to start and (anonymous) and everyone head inside. I stay back and ‘steal’ some of the little tidbits of food left over. When I do go inside, the lights aren’t working and my male partner panics. I suggest he calms down and goes about it in a less panicked way and he yells at me angrily. I turn around and walk out. I decide to walk home which is a very long way away. When I arrive at the country road leading to our house, I am suddenly blocked by a herd of animals. At first I think they are cows crossing, but then they become deer. I’m delighted, as I consider deer my totem animal in a way. There is a sense of potential danger, and power in the approach. One of the stags comes up beside me and nudges me in the left rib (kind of from behind). It feels positive, he is nudging me, encouraging me forward in some way - or just saying hello, I’m not quite sure. Animals disappear except for one small ferret type animal chewing at my right hand, trying to eat something out of my hand. Strange feeling.
It is late dusk now, and I decide I better turn around and go back to the event rather than make it up the hill to my house, so I do. On the way out, I see several tiny bars have opened up on our road, like in Japan or Rome, and I’m intrigued. Cocktails at Boomer Bay? I jump on a train back to the city (!?) It is dark now and there are the usual inherent dangers that come with the dark for a woman, so I turn on the eyes in the back of my head and move cautiously.