13 July, 2018
I dream I am in a small, upstairs office with Jacinda Adern. We are starting work together on something. I am sitting quite close to her, on her right hand side like an Executive Assistant. The room is spare, small, all white. The office desk is messy, with just a computer and disorganised papers everywhere. There is the sense of another girl to my right in the room, but she’s not clear. I am organising papers on the desk quickly and deftly and impress myself with how focused I can be in an unfocused environment.

Jacinda is discussing the terms of working which are pleasant. She is so nice, and saying if we need to incorporate any alternative health practices into our working life together, she is really happy with that. She cares about the wellbeing of us all.

I can’t wait to tell her everything I know about Chinese Medicine, but it doesn’t seem like the right time.