Bed hair
24 July, 2018
Bed Hair
bedroom | cafe | furniture store
bed | designer furniture | sliding wardrobe
pleasant urban | cosy

I am at a wedding. A mid-60s couple are getting married. I don’t remember the wedding venue, but instead the bedroom where they retire to. A queen-sized bed and a sliding door wardrobe. I am lying in the bed with the woman, in pyjamas, and we decide to go out (in the bed!) for coffee and brunch.

I’m now in a very spacious cafe, which has a lounge / shop as part of it. It’s kind of L-shaped, with lots of windows and light in the large, front cafe section and high ceilings. It has the feel of NY or certain converted warehouse cafes in Melbourne, or upmarket areas of Japan. There is the sense of being in the city, but with some well-placed greenery outside, pleasant urban.

The lounge section at the back of the cafe is full of designer furniture, Danish, modernist, contemporary. It’s a little like an upmarket furniture display store, but has the feel of an artist’s lounge. It is a place for gathering, and reading, there are books and coffee tables.

The woman sees some friends of hers, similar age, as though this is a regular meeting place for her. She goes off to talk with them. I suddenly become aware that I’m out in public in my pyjamas, with ‘bed hair’ and become a bit embarrassed. I’m so cosy though!