01 July, 2018
art studio | industrial warehouse |
red | yellow | blue
ladder | antlers, poles, spears
sharp and long spherical
horny headpieces | masks

I have a studio somewhere - it feels like Sydney CBD. It is part of a complex of studios, like an abandoned industrial estate filled with artists. My studio is well set up with my stuff, cheap at $50 a week. I haven’t used it for a long time though and realise I haven’t been charged either. I wonder if there are a pile of $50 invoices sitting on the desk.

I go to the studio to check, and the owners have invited another young artist to share my studio, without notifying me. She is nice, short and perky, with a fresh face. I think she might be a painter. They are charging her $23.00 p/w (?). I’m a bit confused but the girl and I discuss it, and I think maybe its a good idea we share space, as I’m only really storing my stuff there.

The girl and I and other friends (female) end up at some big gig or party. It is very crowded. Something about a ladder. It becomes quite animated, turning into a costume party, quite film-like. People are heavily costumed, overdressed, with big, ugly masks and headpieces on. One particular is a disfigured face, with a headpiece of lots of soft, long horns poking out, as though they are poking out of a bald head.

Suddenly there is a violent incident, a short, stocky, male half-animal character (also heavily costumed), becomes jealous about something and rams someone else with a spear? It is hard to see what’s happening because of all the costume. It escalates and 3 more characters with the names ‘yellow’, ‘red’ and ‘blue’ are ritualistically speared against a raised area and wooden wall. They slump to the ground.

Another part of the dream, my male partner and I are getting ready for yet another event. There’s some confusion about what time the event is, as we have to travel a couple of hours for it. This dream is also crowded with people. We are in a bathroom on the floor.

We return from somewhere to hear that there has been a murder at the local school - we’re told Dunalley in Tasmania, but feels like Sydney near the lower end of Oxford Street, Sydney where I used to work. Someone walked into the school with a pole and rammed it into a teacher, who died.

Another part of the dream, something about my male partner being stalked by a stag, around an old country house. The antlers are significant somehow.

*I wake up to read about the anniversary of the NSW aboriginal Malley massacre, and seems to have parallels to my dream. Men on horses with guns, and aboriginals with spears.