Nostalgia in blue.
02 May, 2015
I expressed a lament to someone of how I wished I could go back in time to be at school again. I saw a stream of schoolgirls in matching pale blue gingham dresses pass by along a sunny pavement although I was aware I was watching this on a screen. Then I was in a bedroom where a lot of my friends from school had been earlier. They had gotten ready and had recently left to go somewhere for the evening. I think they were downstairs. I was trying to get ready by using everyone else's things. I didn't have any of my own for some reason. I straightened my hair with very hot straighteners, almost burning myself. My usually frizzy dark brown hair was so thick and straight and royal blue, it was almost like a wig. I did a good job of straightening it but then it began to go wrong and I couldn't fix it. This bothered me because my ex boyfriend had turned up and wanted to see me. On my way down stairs I was surprised to find a white shoe under a cot with orange designs on it. It looked vintage and unusual. I knew it had been discarded and I wanted to keep it.