Pranks and Rabbits
17 June, 2014
We were doing a late night extra (slightly drunken) site tour. Stu promised to hold my hand. I looked ina window and saw a "normal" looking staff member. They saw me peering in the window and I thought it would be fun to play a trick so I rattled the window then hid on the other side of the building. I pressed myself against the bricks in the cold and dark...but where ws Stu? I called out "Stu, Stu" but only strange voices answered and they seemed to come from all directions. I felt compromised, I was ready to run - but which way??? Then I saw a row of shadowy figures sneaking along my wall. I made a run for it but the "black rabbit" with long ears got me in a spooky touch/no touch ghostly way. Then I woke up - dry mouth, heater on and grey dawn over the river.