02 March, 2013
In an urban environment like a at night, near Hobart mall, in a car with a bunch of boys (younger self) but husband in car, don't see his face, TV character I do see the face of, in box set. They are all young, yelling stuff being delinquent.....and then we drove up a steep road, changed cars, in car with husband, driving he was passenger, kids in back, drove up steep road, 10 in old house, out the front of old house, had been running. The occupants of the car changed... girlfriend's house had been burgled, it was night again...outside near my vegie patch near my house, but driveway was old neighbours driveway, quite steep , apparently he was supposed to have a gargage sale but nothing to sell, only person came was old man....some reason got upset, ran into a chook shed and hid behind door (chook shed not usually there)...next door neighbour came down the garden and was really upset because it had a dog, but with a sheep's face. I said she had to leave because having the dog there would upset the bunnies and chickens...Friend of mine, they'd been looking at the futon (worried) but I knew she met hen, but something was wrong with one of our chickens. 'Angela they've been looking at the futon for a while, you need to come inside now because'.....(then I woke up with the sense it had died).