Stomach Ache
17 June, 2014
Walking home to our 'house' down narrow dirt steps.

The 'houses' were chicken coups, quite beautiful and elaborate. Inside they had displayed photographs of 'before' in small, detailed and colourful frames. In one photo the children coupe before was pink and much smaller, and now the 'after' it was yellow and had an extra room at the front. When we got to our house - we could get in, it was a simple white mudhouse (thick Mexico) and soon as I got in I fell on 4's to the floor with a bad stomach ache and something hard protruding from my stomach. I could hold it from outside my body as it moved up to my throat. I vomitted and wretched and as it came out my partner came over to see what it was and touched and scraped it to release a small, translucent, grey, jelly, cube, out came a blue one and a white one....There was still a large hard lump coming up my throat and I was very scared and made myself breathe deeply, panting.