Blood Bath
17 June, 2014
I was wandering around a department store with my mother and siblings. The building houses many empty shop spaces. The rooms that were open for business were run by odd characters; strange mannerisms, and intense glares. The "Healing Pool' was recommended to us: located in the basement. We were told that it would make all of our dreams come true: a panacea. We popped down there: the water looked thick, and was a deep red. "Come on in, pure bathing for all. You'll feel like a whole new person. Free entry", said an angelic woman. Although enticing, I had reservations - it didn't look hygienic or safe. My brother pushed me in: I was saturated in blood. When cleaning myself off in the changerooms, my head began spinning, and my body felt heavy. I didn't feel quite right. I was staring at myself in the mirror, and my mum walked past and caught my eye in my reflection. She said: (my name), you don't look well, are you okay?". My eyes (iris and sclera) turned BLACK. I lost myself, and lunged for her. I woke up before eating her face off.