02 March, 2013
All out dream people are in a big house, its not the mansion, but I can't see everybody but I know they're all with me. We're looking out the window, out on the lawn is bicycles scattered everywhere, abandoned in a hurry, everybody has run away, a big storm coming, storm approaching Several storms pass, each worse than the last, and we're all safe inside, watching the rain and the ice on the window....We notice the black clouds are forming into strange shapes as they approach, then turn into digital, pixelated clouds, weird lettering, but unrecognisable, geometric....Elsewhere in the dream before that an dafter that, travelling in a 5 foot long dinky, rolls Royce, driving thorough traffic past real cars, feeling a bit of a fool as I see real cars, every now and then had to stop and carry it up some steps, bit heavy to pick up but I manage to , then keep driving.