02 March, 2013
Dave was describing how to get to this house......I was taking the windy road, sun shining past a lake, forest on the left stopped at a small hat surrounded by sunflowers, and this very effervescent woman gave me directions. I continued on then the dream became about a man, his ex-wife, his lover, and his two children. They were both boys....The dream introduced these characters like watching a soap opera....after a while wording about the characters he realised he has to choose....he still has feelings for the wife and the lover, much angst amongst the characters....then edited like a film, cut to sometime in the future, ex wife at the front door, someone's cleaning car in driveway...she's calling to him. The question I had in my head was 'is it the husband'....a teenage boy sticks his head out.....no the son's are growing up, he chose the lover. Cut to the man and the lover, older, happy to together. Then the story moves to the beach and the couple have become Geoffrey rush and his lover, a younger man, slight with dark hair. They are lying on the beach together, crazy busy, a happy vibe. A plump woman is on my lap, we are laughing , having a good time. We are laughing at people inside these plastic trampolines like the round ones you see in peoples backyards, but plastic ins instead fhte ... they have labels on the outside like fat and skinny. five of them but I can't remember the titles. People are jumping up and down, falling over, having fun inside them. One of the characters at first it seems as though its Geoffrey Rush's lover, comes to show us his sore dick. Then I realise he is a different character, a friend, and I get the feeling he doesn't get much sex, happy for him getting some. Sore dick alright. Then I see some girls in highschool f formal dresses, silvery blue on the beach, then I see them from above they are falling, skydiving together in their formal dresses....All holding onto a 4 handled trophy cup....they are all falling and squealing together but having fun, they land on the beach. In the background the whole time, was playing Louis Armstrong singing a wonderful world.