Norwegian holiday
12 January, 2014
visiting norway as part of a world tour, staying in a share house Todd suggested, it was dark whenI arrived and I went down a long corridor which was also dark. three people were sitting around a table. they seemed rather aloof and I wasn't sure if they spoke English. i explained why I was there but it didn't seem necessary or possible to talk much to them. so i went back to the front rom of the house and slept in there. in the morning I had a lot of dirty laundry, which I put in a large plastic bag. the room seemed to belong to someone whose possessions and clothes were scattered about. i put on one of their shirts, which was bright yellow and red, with a picture of Jimi Hendrix printed on it. I went back down the corridor to the room from the night before and there were more people about, all Norwegian it seemed. two girls looked like Bjork, very eskimo-like and exotic, and small and elfin. again it seemed difficult to talk to people, and everyone ignored me, which made me feel awkward. they obviously knew i was wearing someone else's shirt. the house backed on to the ocean, which was very dark grey blue and green, with large waves coming right up to the back of the house. it was like a port, more than a beach though. there was a very cold feeling about the whole dream, though not necessarily temperature-wise. eventually i did meet a guy who seemed to know me and was friendly. we had met in Hobart apparently, and had maybe shared a taxi. it was a relief to find a friendly face.