03 January, 2014
moving into (or back to) a red brick 2 story warehouse in North Melbourne with Michelle - quite a wide street with warehouses on both sides. some girls are also moving in across the street. a large removal truck is blocking the street, leaving very little room to pass. an old lady in a white car is trying to get through but can't. there are 3 or 4 removalists standing around who don't seem to care. i ask them to move their truck but they just laugh. i go back to our warehouse to keep unloading our stuff, which includes a large, very grimy old mattress.

i see the old lady parked on the street behind the truck, still waiting and I go over to the truck and say 'hey michelle can you bring your phone i want to take a photo of this' (ie. to show them blocking the road). one of the removalists says 'yeah you're just the sort of prick who would do that'. i say 'mate I have full respect for you and your job, but this old lady needs to get through'. they reluctantly move the truck.

then i see that the old lady's car is actually a battered old ute, and she has tattoos - I think 'oh she's tough she probably could have sorted it out herself'.