02 March, 2013
I was in a huge shallow pool in a giant dimly lit circus tent. There were seal/walrus type creatures that were passing candy-striped beach balls to each other off their snouts. In a canyon, it was bright daylight, there was a waterfall and I was with our dream group. We were planning to kayak, and everyone was wearing brightly coloured candystriped clothing. I was about to be launched into the water, the people who were going to launch me didn't check if was ready, but I was anyway. Seems significant. Things got really boring. I was in an old car with red leather upholstery as a passenger with a group I worked with many years ago in Government (women). We were driving around Hobart but it resembled an older larger city. It was daytime but appeared to be early evening, the lighting was very soft and misty. There were a lot of waterways. Stories of romantic tragedy were being recounted and for some reason, something that stood out in my mind, I had a surprise realisation about a former colleague's sexual preferences. Some plain clothes policemen were helpful (can't remember what with), we ate lunch and visited my former workplace (government building) and I just felt like I'd outgrown the people and the circumstances.