jogging on the freeway
01 January, 2014
Jogging down freeway to work, 3 lanes winding down through hills into Melbourne. Morning is bright and road is wet with dew. Cars have been stopped at a roadblock behind so I have road to myself. I'm running fast, feeling fit, but also out if breath due to asthma. I wish I'd brought my inhaler. I look in the blue bag I'm carrying and realise that I left home without bringing my work shoes, pants and maybe shirt. I can get away with wearing sandshoes but will have to buy pants. I arrive at a cafe which is under a group of concrete road bridges diverging in different directions. I talk to the middle-aged woman at the counter about which direction each one is heading and have the idea that you could have aw window in the bottom of each to see the 'flow' of traffic in each direction. The woman tells me she is selling her house, which is 'art deco'. I go into the toilet to get changed and Michelle comes in. I suggest she asks the woman how much she is selling her house for - maybe we would want to buy it?