02 April, 2013
Dream I was back at uni, in first year - not sure what course, there were to be exams, and I was worried because hadn't been to any classes. The first exams- maths - was to be held at the Tasmanian Transport Museum, where I used to volunteer and my father still does. It was to start at 10, but you had to be there at 9am for instructions. I got there and there were various vintage trains running, including a steam train. A guy came in to the museum dragging a medium sized yacht on its keel along the road. I thought that this surely wouldn't be good for the keel. Some younger guys also arrived with a small boat of some sort on a trailer, They were clean cut rower types, there in connection with the exam. I had the impression that there had been a last minute change and the exam location had been moved elsewhere, but there was no announcement. I didn't try to find out what had happened. By 9.30 no invigilators had turned up, I was relieved because I thought this gave me an excuse to avoid doing tthe exam. I tried to call the uni using their online system (when it was too late) but ithe system was badly designed and didn't work. I thought again that this gave me an excuse to blame the uni for not doing the exam.