from pool to prayer
23 May, 2013
I am planning to go swimming to the local pool but find myself walking into an old, rather grand building. I see there is a pool in there but it looks more like a cordoned off part of the sea. There seems to be a childrens session in progress so a small crowd of older swimmers wait for their turn. There are many well dressed women who are very welcoming. I realise I have forgotten to bring clothes to change into after the swim.
Our turn comes but the water seems to be receding like the tide going out. The whole gathering is transforming into a prayer meeting. A rather decrepit archbishop appears and I realise that the rather grand house was probably the home of the archbishop. A woman makes a comment and I begin to laugh at her wit. A clergyman in a huge 'dress' looks at me with disapproval and I ask him, in a rather saucy tone, if religion forbids humour.