Two shifters
24 April, 2013
Hosting a garden party at our house, which was large and rambling, not sure exactly where. The party had a 1950s theme. We wer nervous about how many people would come, but there seemed to be a good turnout. Everyone was in the front yard. At one point, a guy from next door who seemed to be German asked whether I had a certain tool he could borrow. I couldn't understand the word, which was something like 'scratcher' - I interpreted it as 'shifter'. I said yes, but didn't get it for him straight away. I kept going back and forth from the front yard to get things. At one point everyone in the front yard seemed to be young Asian students. I eventually went into the garage at the back which was very large, dark and untidy. A female friend was standing on a stool and I hugged her around the waist for a long time. I found two shifters - one large and one quite small - on a shelf. I took them to the neighbour, who rented a room in the large red brick house next door. I think he needed them to work on his motorbike.