The weight-guessing game
18 April, 2013
My wife and I were at a neighborhood potluck, except it was a house from the neighborhood I grew up in and not the one in which we currently live. Everyone was there, including a creepy guy from next door who she had suspected had been spying on her from his window. His name was Javi, which is the name of a co-worker from my last job in real life. I guess he did have a thing for my wife cause at some point he challenged me to weight-guessing competition. After consenting and giving it some thought I began blurting out my answer, but before I could let out my guess he said \"Nope, 103\". Everyone seemed impressed, like that was a normal weight for a guy to weigh and that he must go to the gym a lot. I never got to hear his guess of what I weighed, but my weight was 130 in the dream which is 30lbs less than what I weigh in real life. There was more, but that\'s all I seem to remember.